kale + apricots, steaming them
it's a combination i really like, nice to soften the apricots in the steam basket and they give a sweetness to the kale

canned herring

milky dandelion tea

fresh rosemary on top,

quiet dinner

sometimes i really love the feeling of eating when tired,
sitting alone at my table
no internet, no looking at my phone, no music, no sounds
besides the house, dogs, breathing, outside

eating slowly without trying to eat slowly,
just having it happen that way

drinking and eating

just being there

looking out the window, thinking and not thinking

taking awhile before the last bite is reached
having this simple meal
that is not simple at all
took so much energy on every level
to grow that kale
catch the fish,
can it
ship it
produce the cans themselves
energy to make usable the water that came from my tap
so i could steam these things
put them in my bowl
sit down
and eat peacefully
i wasn't trying
but i really felt
in awe of the processes it takes
to make a meal
that seems
this small.


inkysocks said...

so beautiful--the meal and the sentiments. i am drinking a nice cup of dandy blend, while reading this.

tapecase | r s e said...

a prayer

Hayley said...

I just want to "like" this whole post, especially the last part

myron said...

beautiful meditation Sash. resonates with the beginning of the Zen meal gatha:
"72 labors brought us this food. We should know how it comes to us. As we receive this offering we should consider how our virtue and practice deserve it. As we desire the natural order of mind, to be free from clinging we should be free of greed."