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an herb i love
i remember the first time i had it, as a kid a friend's mom made this potato + green bean salad with olive oil and this amazing flavor i had never had. fresh marjoram from her garden. made it so good.

an herb i love but find more tricky
i was just talking to my mom about it recently, more difficult herbs. we agreed, sage and tarragon. they can be so good. but you can also easily go too far with them, some herbs you can go out of control with and it's going to stay good. not these, though.

an herb i don't know why you would grow
it's everywhere in the wild! just pick it

i remember spending a good week in my head as a kid, being unsure, when the second word begins with 'h' do you go with 'a' or 'an' ? it really occupied my mind in a hardcore way. i don't know that there's an answer. think it's regional or preferential, which you choose. i go with 'an' but kind of wish i could drop the 'n'. it doesn't work for me though, for whatever reason. writing it or saying it. i don't think i'm cool enough, to get rid of that 'n.'

listening to
sleeping sounds
sounds in between
wake and


Andrea said...

also not cool enough to drop the "n"/but pretty into it. sounds too creaky without it. herbs--into all of them except cilantro. radiation for me, i guess. it repels me. but that book looks good.

Hayley said...

I can tell you exactly why they dropped the 'n'. This book also spelled flavor as "flavour" which indicates it's written in UK English. Currently I am studying in New Zealand and here, they pronounce the 'h' in herb. Thus, saying 'a herb garden' sounds fine because you don't drop the 'h'!

SASHA said...


helensarahvaughan said...

I'm British and I wouldn't use the 'n', doesn't fit correctly in that context

Amy said...

Marjoram is the best!!!

I found your blog a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. So inspired by the food you make, things you ferment, and good tunes (gotta get that Pauline Anna Strom record)! xo