talking on this thing
it creeps me out
i always said i'd never have one of these,
cell phone
i got one

i talk on it.
and worry while i'm talking on it.
and after.
feel like i feel it in my head.
so i eat these things

i asked my mom.
what foods can i eat to combat the radiation i feel from my phone?

sea vegetables, cilantro, she told me.
her advice, generally,
is excellent.
i listen to it.
i just will eat them by the handful, don't even try to make it into something.
talk on my phone.
get off. break off a handful of cilantro leaves.
it's not actually the most appetizing thing, eating cilantro like that.
and i love cilantro.
but i'm thinking of it more in this context as medicine. not flavor.
they're so

listening to
paul + linda -- ram

i had cable tv so i could watch THIS. lena dunham, MANNNN.


popcorn plays said...

niiiice provencal fabric. : )
alternative to cell phone radiation: SKYPE. cyber-visuals face-to-face. just saying : )
but, any reason to eat dulse + cilantro, is really a good excuse to eat dulse + cilantro.....

SASHA said...

i know. skype. it's all the rage. i've never done it. it kinda freaks me out. plus i tried to sign up but couldn't figure out how to make it happen. took that as a sign. skype and i. weren't meant to be. but u and i, n.p. def. meant. to be. :)))

Z.Z said...

Arlo would say get a headset, He uses one when he had long talks and then he can hold the phone as far away as possible. it usually just looks like he's listening to music and talking to himself

can't wait to see you soon this summer <3<3<3 zzz

Angel & P-Bunny said...

I started taking bentonite clay internally & externally in baths and as facials because I had heavy metal poisoning from mercury amalgams- learned also that it's an extremely powerful and effective way to remove radiation! so i feel a little safer in that department too :) nowa days I just turn off my cell phone completely if I am not using it since it still emits small doses of radiation even when you have it just sitting there.

milkweed said...

You can watch all the episodes of Girls here! I have the same problem with not having HBO/Cable..this works fine!

SASHA said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. THANK YOU FOR THAT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley said...

GIRLS IS SO GOOD. I don't have cable either but I've been watching it online, you can definitely stream it, I've seen every episode, it is so uncomfortably relatable and perfect.

milkweed said...

no problem! enjoy!!! :)